Lease-It! is the fast, flexible and easy-to-use lease calculator for Palm OS handhelds. Use it to help you negotiate the best possible deal on a lease: find monthly payments, discover hidden fees, and check agency/dealer figures. Lease-It helps you analyze where your money is going, and can help to take the mystery out of leasing.

Key Features:
  • Save Money - by seeing how changes in various parameters like Term or Residual Value affect your monthly payment
  • Easy-to-use - just select the desired calculation, fill-in the required fields, and view your results immediately
  • Flexible - "what if" calculations allow you to determine how changes in Cap. Cost, Interest Rate, Lease Term, or Residual Value affect your Monthly Payment
  • Powerful - solve for: Cap. Cost, Cap. Cost Reduction, Term, Interest Rate or Money Factor, and Monthly Payment
  • Quick - pop-up calculators simplify determination of Cap. Cost and Cap. Cost Reduction
  • Convenient - worksheet save/restore functions allow you to keep track of multiple leases and compare them

Product Details
Version: 2.1
Palm OS: 2.0 & Higher
RAM Req'd: 25 KB
Price: $10.00

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What Our Users are Saying:
"Your program was terrific! It really saved the day - not to mention several thousand dollars off the price of the car. I showed it to the salesman and he was blown away by what it could do - but not by what it told me I should pay for the car" — D. Brock

"I went to a car dealer and I was able to use it and it worked! I was able to come to a decision that same night! Amazing" — D. Glassman

Awards and Reviews:

Tucows awards Lease-It a 4 cow rating!



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