Finance-It!   Coming Soon . . .

Buying a new home or car can be complicated and stressful process. Why do it alone? Let Finance-It and your Palm OS® powered handheld take the hassle out of negotiating your next mortgage or loan.

Finance-It is a comphrehensive and easy-to-use loan and mortgage calculator. Whether you're just getting started with your first home, or you're a real estate professional, Finance-it helps you make sound loan decisions with a minimum of effort.

Key Features:
  • Save Money - by seeing how changes in Down Payment, Interest Rate, or Term affect your Payment
  • Easy-to-use - just select the desired calculation, fill-in the required fields, and view your results immediately
  • Flexible - "what if" calculations allow you to determine how changes in loan parameters affect the desired calculation
  • Powerful - solve for any of five (5) loan parameters
  • Quick - make sound loan decisions in minutes without having to learn complicated terms or payment tables
  • Convenient - worksheet save/restore functions allow you to keep track of multiple loans and compare them

Product Details
Version: Beta
Palm OS: 2.0 & Higher
RAM Req'd: 25 KB
Price: tbd

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